Garden of the Maids

Sahelion Ki Bari, or Garden of the Maids of Honor, is in Udaipur, India. Created in the early 1700s, it was part of a dowry gift, and may also have been established to allow the queen and her attendants a place where they could stroll with freedom. The park blends English and Indian traditions. On my trip in 2014 I met two women who help maintain the gardens, using sickles and hand-woven baskets for their tasks. 

Luxembourg Garden

Paris contains some of the best known gardens in the world - with justification. Great care is evident, as well as thoughtful design. Luxembourg Garden contains an area with rows of carefully managed espalier fruit trees, using different espalier techniques. Nearby, tucked into a wooded area, was as a lovely insect house, combining long tradition with new information about the value of habitat.